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Health Care Crisis. It’s all in our Minds.

The only person responsible for your health is you. Well, there are exceptions, if you are an infant or child, then it is your parents and your family.
It’s not a government, an agency, a doctor, an insurance company, a therapist.

Our health care system has gotten better and better at detecting disease and keeping people alive. It has not been as successful at helping people to health. I wonder why that is? What values are reflected?

We have many resources including health care providers, therapists, insurance, websites, agencies, friends and family, schools, programs….. This is what they truly are, resources. When you begin to shift your mind and take your own health into your own hands it is extremely powerful. It changes you, and it changes those around you. Remember, each and every day you are voting with your actions and your dollars.

Look at the choices you make each and every day:

  • Do you spend more money on pizza and take-out food than on your own health?
  • Elevator or stairs?
  • Walk or Bike or Bus or Car?
  • Sit or Stand?
  • What do I put in my grocery cart?
  • What do I put in my mouth?
  • How do I celebrate?
  • How do I deal with anger and negative emotions?
  • How do I help others in need?
  • Who do I turn to when I am in need?
  • Have I learned how to listen to my body and respond accordingly?
  • How does my health and mindset affect my family, friends, co-workers and community?
  • Do I seek out positive, affirming relationships with others?
  • Who do I love? Have I expressed it to them?
  • What role does insurance play in caring for me or my family?

Our health care “system” is the manifestation of our individual choices as citizens, workers, businesses, policy makers, and stewards of this Earth. Be the change you want to see in the world, and we all will be a happy, healthy, and joyous world.

Learn from Yesterday….Plan for Tomorrow…. and Live for Today, here in the beautiful Upper Valley!